Saturday, June 27, 2020

We The People vs You Them People

We are currently in a CATATONIC state of EXISTENCE in this cruel world. Daily we are enthralled in 100 of millions of reasons to slap ourselves in the middle of our foreheads in awe or in disbelief of what has gone viral or what has been revealed about something happening in the moment. Between the worldwide unifying love and support shown for the Black Lives Matter movement to the horrid realities of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic we are overwhelmed and our sensibilities fractured. 

You literally have to be living under a rock in the middle of complete technology desolation to be unaware of the happenstances infecting this WORLD!!! Every waking moment there is breaking news that seemingly requires our immediate attention or rapid response to spring into action. We are not only tethered to only our TV screens, but we are simultaneously tethered to all the other screens in our possession. Whether you get your source of information from the television, the computer, or your phone it is LIMITLESS!!! Even more than this we are not VOID of bloggers, vloggers, news syndicates, real news, fake news, live news, etc., all with competent and/or incompetent persons at the helm of each giving us hourly doses of such!  

Two of my favorite sources of infotainment  are the Breakfast Club  featuring DJ Envy (@djenvy), Angela Yee (@angelayee), and Charlamagne tha God (@cthagod) and the Rickey Smiley Morning Show featuring @Rickey Smiley@GaryWDTea@Headkrack@SoSoBrat@Special K@Rock-T@Eva Marcille, and @JahLion. Both shows specialize in giving you the hard hitting news, facts, and relevant information all riddled with humor, music, and entertainment.  @Cthagod  infamous Florida rants are always a source of levity. If you do a quick google search of the recent Floridian mask wearing protests it will yield over 46+ million results. Although his rants make you laugh these protests are far from a laughing matter.

I watched a video clip Now This News posted to Facebook regarding the Florida protests over wearing masks. I wondered to myself what I was watching and did the people vehemently protesting wearing masks take into consideration the HOLISTIC message they were sending to those watching. I wondered as each person took to the mic to get their "SAY SO" did they even consider who their words would really be INFECTING (yes... I  mean INFECTING)? Did they understand the residue that would be attached to them because of them? Or had they even read any of the other printed "PAPERS" of power and authority before they read from their fragmented speeches in their phones or scribbled out on tattered pieces of paper?

Here are my thoughts on the motion to detract or distract from the MOVEMENT of healing this world from RACISM, RACIST, and the RONA! In particular this penned prose is regarding the conglomerate of similar moves and the videos circling the VIRAL wagons doing more harm than help. In America no in these United States of America when there is a movement to right the wrongs of an oppressed and marginalized people there comes a COVERT mission to distract from the  momentum of that movement. 

The error in communication from this motion of protesting wearing masks is flawed and completely VISCERAL.

1) The TRUTH is there will always be some governmental INEFFICIENCY and OVER SITE  in mandating, regulating, and enacting laws, rules, policies and procedures on behalf of "WE THE PEOPLE". However your inalienable right to be "FREE" should not come at the hands of ignoring the potential of disbursing a lethal virus on yourself or others because  "YOU THEM PEOPLE" who feel infringed upon (for simply being asked to wear a mask).

2) The bible is the most quoted "BOOK of BOOKS" in the history of publishing books in this world. It is equally the most MISINTERPRETED and MISREPRESENTED set of BOOKS within the same history. Unleashing You Version 2.0 does nothing for those listening to your grievances whom are not sworn to take your account of the accounting into consideration for the work they are to do on behalf "YOU THEM PEOPLE"!

3) The mysteriousness which surrounds the Corona Viruses in particular the pandemic of COVID-19 is undisputed and nondiscriminatory. It has left no parts of this ENTIRE ROCK untouched. What are more heartbreaking is the stupefying  statistics in regards to the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of deaths attributed to this mystery.  Identically in stupefying UNKNOWNS is the MILLIONS of people who contracted the COVID-19! Rationalizing is a reality lost to  STATISTICS because this mystery of COVID-19 has a battle cry riddled which is NUMBERS!!!

4) THERE IS NO SYMMETRY in your RIGHT to potentially DISBURSE this virus because you want to HOARD your BELIEFS that "YOU THEM PEOPLE" are the spokespersons for GOD, the BIBLE, and the INALIENABLE RIGHTS for "WE THE PEOPLE" who are complying out of caution for what is and still remains UNEXPLAINED the far reaches of this PANDEMIC!  Unilaterally most people do not want to wear a mask either but why take the chance! Granny said it like this an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Furthermore no one is saying all that has been revealed is true however in the page flipping and conspiracy sharing explain these NUMBERS we are witnessing SOARING RAPIDLY daily WORLDWIDE!

5) Lastly being in the NOW so you can be in the KNOWN is admirable for it is the MOMENTUM of all things PUBLICIZED under this country's current cultural ebb and flow. It is my solemn prayer that when the roost of your arousal arrives it is not met with the reality of so many during this pandemic having to watch the demise of or recovery of their loved ones from a "SOCIAL DISTANCE"!

The Queen Has Spoken


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