Monday, January 27, 2020

Death Reminds Us ......

Death reminds us how VALUABLE time is. No matter how much or how little you have TIME is the one thing NO-ONE can purchase, put on layaway, return, or extend. During DEATH everyone wants to RUSH to be the HERO for those GRIEVING! While the end results of DEATH is the same not all DEATHS are received the same.

Kobe Bryant's DEATH reminds us of how our legacy becomes our SHADOW. Our words, our ways, our deeds, and our actions will SHADOW our DEATHS when our TIME is up!  Most do not wake up with the KNOWLEDGE that today is the TIME your LIFE will end.

Our ETA and ETD never overshadow the DASH in between those dates. My heart is hurting this morning for all those affected by this untimely tragedy. Trying to figure out how to just breathe is one of the most hardest tasks in tragedy attached to death. Your mind has tapped out for the REALITY of the NOW prevents you from any rational thought.

Please learn that if you have not experienced the PAIN that comes with DEATH unexpectedly (keep living) but know the last thing many want is being bombarded with Umpteen  Queries regarding the tragedy.

Moments like these make us revisit times we’ve suffered through tragedy. AND the humanity in us all makes us mourn the loss. The world will never KNOW what more the #BLACKMAMBA could’ve become. One FLIGHT did give us all reason to PAUSE and REMEMBER what he did BECOME while he was with US!

May the peace that surpasses all understanding behold his WIFE, his CHILDREN, his FAMILY and everyone connected to this moment.  My prayers are with the all the families whose lives changed and are forever conjoined by it.