Monday, February 24, 2020

GIANTS in my corner ..

This world is ever changing. You get up most mornings with at least some idea of what the day will hold. Then the earth shifts and now you have to adjust your moves. If someone says they have a handle of life they're lying. They have a handle on making the adjustments when the shifting happens.

As of late it has been scary to me noticing that the GIANTS in my corner are diminishing either by being exposed as frauds, death, or mere shadows of their presence in my life gone by.

I am a loyal person. Unfortunately to a fault. In my mind if I have been a good person to you and I have not shown you any hurt, harm, or danger then it should equal from your side. So I often I have had to regroup to discover that many only wanted the access to me or my resources and when they no longer needed either their narrative of our relationship changed.

Wait I am not lashing out ... just merely making an observation. I am saying I had to learn to value my value and expect the same from others. When I realized it was not mutual it made it easier for me to adjust my time and resources being used at any given time or place.

So what's the point ... Life is ever evolving and sometimes we miss the evolution because we've gotten comfortable with familiarity rather than prepared for change. No new friends is not a good policy to live by when no day is promised to any us. However meeting new people can be refreshing just take your time getting to know them and limit their back stage pass to your whole life until you trust strength in the threads of your friendship tapestry.

One day your PRESENCE will be a MERE shadow in the MEMORY of a LOVED ONE so while you are here love HARD and love OFTEN!

The Queen Has Spoken