Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Hammy OUT!!!!

Good Morning. Life is extraordinarily difficult and awe-inspiring equally. The moment you begin to feel a sense of balance or success on your journey next exit is closed or someone or something comes along and side swipes you causing you to stop be still or to reexamine the moment or even the momentum.

You ask yourself how many more life humbling moments do I need before I throw the towel in and accept the thing you've been fighting and warring against ..... Complacency.
Or before you say nope this just life's last stitch effort to see how bad do I want what I say is in my heart.

So self are you chasing after your dreams and goals or are you chasing after money.
Which one has true motivation and which one will run-out of steam?

How can you then thereby ignore the tugs at your mental stability via the lack of minimum necessities to care for yourself without faltering to them froth with worry for the unknown or even the repetition of these moments?

Is the spirit of your God inside of you stronger than the soundtrack of doubt rearing from the same place?

Where is the victory? Is it in the transition of acknowledging the presence of the hamster wheel you can’t seem to get off or is it in the plight to overcome the presence of past residue preventing your exit or is it both or perhaps neither.

Nevertheless one step, one second ,one thought at a time minimizes or maximizes your movements for the quest begins with motion and no amount of radical emotions with halt its forward momentum without your permission. So the challenge is CHOICE … what are you choosing … too live or quit. Consequently either way the CHOICE is yours so choose wisely and choose WISELY often.

 ©The Queen Has Spoken March 11, 2020