Friday, September 22, 2023

Managing Memories - #mySUGAHFoote

 Good morning, beautiful souls. Today marks a tender milestone—five years since my grandson, my heartbeat, Zephaniah, flew on ethereal wings to join the ancestors. He was a tender age, just 13 months in this realm, yet he remains timeless in my heart.

In the dance between sorrow and joy, we find ourselves pirouetting on the edge of tears and smiles. Beloveth, grieving,  is not a straight path—it's a labyrinth of emotions, each turn a new facet of love, pain, and remembrance. So if today, or any day, you find your spirit heavy, know that it's alright to carry that weight while still finding moments to soar.

In this never-ending dance, let's pause and ground ourselves with a meditative embrace:

1. Seek sanctuary in the quiet corners of your mind, eyes closed.

2. Breathe—inhale the love you've known, exhale the pain that grips you.

3. Envision a celestial garden, where the blossoms hum ancestral lullabies. Your loved one is there—a flower glowing with ethereal light.

4. With each deep breath, let your souls converse. Share a smile, a tear, an unsaid word.

5. As you open your eyes, let this heavenly tableau accompany you, softening the edges of your earthly journey.

Let us not wane in our pursuit of life even as we honor those who have transitioned. For in our living, their light finds resonance. Through our tears and our laughter, they live on.

Today, I honor my grandson and your angels, too. May they twinkle in the celestial garden above as we strive to make our earthly gardens below worthy of their legacy.

#ZEPSGarden #mySUGAHFoote

#ZNAourDNA #myFIRSTbornFIRSTborn #daZepofdaGarden #mySONSson


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