Friday, September 1, 2017

8.31.17 Rest In Loving PEACE

We all are out here living our lives many I would say on our own terms. However even in the light of owning our truths others are always affected, effected, and infected by what we do.

It is so very easy to point your finger at someone you disagree with. Especially when you don't value their ability to be a free thinker as you would want others to value you.

Watching people make decisions that affect you whether directly or indirectly and remaining mum does not mean you don't care. It could mean you value people to have the right to make decisions and think for themselves as you would want the same respect.

There are plenty of LIFE ALTERING moments you will challenge your immediate response to them. Some of the decisions you made you will later consider the best ... then others you will consider could and should have been different.

Nevertheless no one is perfect. NO ONE! It takes a real honest person to admit their responsibility in the status of their lives. ALWAYS deflecting your anger and contempt at others no matter their role in your status does not help you grow nor heal.

Sometimes DEATH is the only answer to LIVE again.  Once I was at a homegoing service of very dear to my heart loved one. I was devastated beyond words. There was nothing no one could say that could comfort me. How could GOD let this happen. Take someone I loved so much from me! WHY GOD? Even with knowing the answer to this revisited query it would do nothing to bring my loved one back. As I sat there tears streaming from my face, heart beating out my chest, aching, trembling as I looked at this beautifully adorned ornamental box now holding the remains of my loved one. I hear the officiant say these words "Some things you never get over but God will help you live with it." 

I left that moment changed forever how I looked at my life, those in it, and how I value time. Time is the one thing you never have enough of, it never repeats itself, and it subtracts and adds simultaneously. 

So mourn the DEATHS in your life so you can learn LIVE as you still have breath in your body. Some THINGS you never get over but GOD will help you live with THEM.

8.31.17 Rest In Loving PEACE

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