Sunday, October 16, 2022

Be Kind and Lead with Love

It's become so easy to point at what we consider others shortcomings. We have outgrown the polite society i.e. the polite communities i.e. the polite neighborhoods we grew up in. 

Nope none of what many of us experienced was perfect (heck far from it) nor was it without harm or residual interwoven mental malaise. 

 But what it was - FAMILY! BUT what it was - COMMUNALBut what it was - LOVE! 

 So many youth, young people, young adults, young parents don't have a fighting chance to get it (whatever it is) together because the community has turned into 1 or 2 things rapidly these days. 1 either it's me and mine or 2 stop by, drop in, photo opt, post it, check a box, move on to the next "community" you are helping with your "presence"! 

Yes. Assistance is often met with resistance but who here amongst us came out the door trusting an outsider? I am exhausted cause we that are they whom are them who have given their complete adulthoods and part of their childhoods for the betterment of the communities we have resided in see this slippery slope of selfishness, one sidedness, and greed preventing Wholistic Health and Healing for our families and our communities. 

When was the last time you got out of your comfort zone and just gave someone a compliment? You will be surprised how much you can infect the chemical makeup of the culture in your community simply by making someone smile or laugh. 

I am not asking you to be fake or phony. Just give off some good positive vibes. Stop projecting your lens onto someone else's lifestyle. You don't have to agree with it. But find a different way to encourage and foster change without being so negative. 

We are so caught up in likes, posts, and reels no one cares to be genuine, to be real, to be kind. And if someone is, they get JUDGED harshly for doing so! 

You know we are living in an upside down world when being kind is suspicious behavior but a scripted reality show making millionaires from falsities is the norm and "goals" for so many. 

I am always be kind. I am always talk about God. And I am always lead with Love! 

 I am the Queen Has Spoken from @ZepsGarden 

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