Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Meant Well(NESS)

This morning I was dragging a large appliance out of my house. Let me be honest I tried to just muscle it out the door. However that did not work at all. To get it out of the spot it had set in for so long meant rearranging many things on it and around it. Just so I could clear a path to remove it from my home. Whew the struggle was real. At first glance I thought oh it won’t take much ... just a tug here and a little shove there. I was soooooo WRONG! By the time I had rearranged everything to clear a path I found areas that needed cleaning because now they were exposed and uncovered. So what I THOUGHT would be a quick job took a lot more time than my initial projections.

As I made my way from the back of my house to the front of my house with this large appliance I would have make more adjustments as to not damage anything near it’s exit path. Finally the front porch ..... YES!!! So using my quit wittedness I cleverly found a way to get to it off the porch and to the curb (SO I THOUGHT)! I got it down the stairs by myself and onto the lawn. Hey just a good five feet from me a freedom from this USELESS appliance. I began maneuvering it across the lawn and just as I was near the sidewalk my neighbor approached offering assistance. I accepted the assistance and to the CURB we went!

Just as we were sitting it in its final destination onto it’s life from me my neighbor inquires about it’s workability. I answered the query but it was followed up meant well advice on how I could make this appliance USEFUL again and return it to my home. I just nodded at my neighbor and returned to my house. You might ask well that’s a detailed story about removing an appliance from your home but let’s dig a little deeper.

FIRST for me the appliance represents things or persons in life holding space that they no longer work in. Now my appliance did work just not properly and upon further research there was no guarantee that if repaired it would return to state of existence to benefit me. So it was just taking up space that I could either get a new one or just use that space for something else completely different. I can’t speak on your behalf but I have been guilty of letting people hang around in my life too long knowing very well they had outlived their usability or purpose in my life and I in theirs. Nothing about them was truly hindering my life, truthfully I had gotten comfortable with them being there so I just let them stay. But every now and again when I needing something from them I would be reminded that they couldn’t give me what I needed from them any longer. I’d like to say that ended the baggage claim on those relationships but many times it didn’t.

SECOND for me the appliance represents the need to review why I was holding onto things or persons that could truly no longer benefit me or I them. After my grandson’s death it was as if I gained a new pair of eyes. It was as if the squidgy man wiped my lenses and now I could see things that had been in front of me for years. I was having an AWAKENING and HOLISTICALLY at that (if I am honest I still am amidst this AWAKENING). I began walking through my house asking myself why do you STILL have this, or that, or even those! I got motivated, then I got overwhelmed, then I got sad, then I got busy.

THIRD for me the appliance proved that acknowledgment of needing to change doesn’t mean it will be easy to do so. Getting that appliance out of my house was simply not an EASY task. But I was determined to remove it because I knew it was time. So in my FAITH walk and my life’s JOURNEY there have been things or persons I knew it was time to reassign or remove their place in my life but it took some work to get it done. If I am honest sometimes I would start the process and get distracted never completing it. Only to find myself needing to do it at later date with more emotional baggage and attachment to the person or thing making it even more difficult to FOLLOW THROUGH.

FOURTH for me the appliance beared witness to my internal growth and ability to acknowledge what is and isn’t for me. My neighbor meant no harm. But what could have been a simple meant well suggestion could have played into another reason for me to continue to have baggage I no longer needed. The season for my appliance was over and my neighbor was unaware of this knowledge. Often people will come along in your moment of spiritual refashioning and reckoning with meant well advisement that if followed could only lead to your continued diminished wellness. I had to learn to acknowledge my internal growth and to when to accept advice from others and when to discard it or EVEN when to just place it on a bookshelf in my mind for review at a latter date.

LASTLY I am grateful for the semblance between the appliance and real world affirmations. It has been my lived experiences in life that if I pay attention close enough to how God,the elders, and the wisdom of the universe are using simplicity to reach my complexities and bring forth a new and revealed reality, I’d be better off HOLISTICALLY. But sometimes I have missed these moments. I had made a commitment to myself to LIVE on PURPOSE and my BEST LIFE DAILY! I hope you’re doing the same. Share this note and subscribe to my site  as I grow in grace outloud via my scribblings, artwork, activism, and podcasts.

Thanks for sharing heart with me today via your eyes.
Love, Light, and Awareness of Self;

The Queen Has Spoken

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