Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Queen Has Spoken

Join me as I share my lumps, bumps, bruises, through light, love, and elevation.

We are all entrusted with a gift to make this world a more positive dimension to meander.  As each of us transverse through life shedding the layers of growth via our stories it enables the next person to find their voice and use their inner strength. I have been blessed with many gifts and talents. I have outgrown the dimension of living of being ducked off and reserved well hidden in plain sight while I watch humanity suffer. This page is dedicated to revelation and elevation. Here is where revelation meets light and leads to enlightenment, empowerment, and intrinsic evolution of mind, body, and soul. I share with you what life, lumps, and love has gifted me via my prose and my voice. Unapologetically Liberated, Love and Light Rendering Loquaciousness, Poetical Proliferations in Prose, Mystically Mused through Meditation, and Unequivocally Elevated in Existence. I am the Queen and I am speaking! #theQueenhasSpoken 

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