Monday, July 24, 2017


It is often a heart  ♡ breaking space to maneuver when you discover someone you trusted turns out not to be the person they represented especially if that relationship has grown pass the time and space where most faux representations of a person are either revealed or removed.

Truthfully in a time where it is very, very, very, easy to hop online or your favorite app anywhere and anytime to spew your disdain or air your laundry for any and every one to scrutinize, cherry pick, or pick apart your account of what has happened leaving you with more anguish I challenge you to do this.

Elevate your existence. AS hard and I know this may be harder for some more than others. AS hard it may be to leave it be ... LEAVE IT! See when people intentionally misrepresent themselves to be someone other than who they truly are it is not your loss. It is theirs.

I get it I truly do you have most likely invested more of your nontangible self into them and clearly there is no recovery plan for that. However operating in a space above bitterness or brokenness from betrayal is a choice. Choose YOU and your happy holistic healthy self over them. You may never ever get an acknowledgment of neither guilt nor apology for wrong but ease your mental baggage by not storing those moments of mistrust on the bookshelves of your heart or head.

But I offer you a recovery plan to move forward from this misfortunate …. 1) remember whatever energy you exude into the universe will return to you therefore keep being true to yourself by giving of yourself in a positive manner i.e. positive begets positive and negative begets negative please continue to choose positive ways, deeds, and actions; 2) authenticity always outweighs falsity therefore you cannot beat yourself up for being authentic; 3) patterns are normally cycled therefore never try to prove to others what life will reveal for them to see; and lastly 4) meditation is mirrored meaning meditate daily spend time in silence honing in on you and what God has for you. Don’t waste a lot of time trying to figure how you could have, should have, or it would have been differently if you had just done ABC or XYZ.

We cannot change people. We can only improve ourselves. When people choose to abuse the one pure innate interconnected essence of humanity through acts betrayal and intentional misrepresentations of themselves there is nothing you can do or could have done. Life is a cycle and trust me this moment or similar ones will recycle in those whom are guilty. #theQueenhasSpoken

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